Hello! I am Murli Menon an employee of an MNC in Mumbai. On behalf of my colleague Ankur Kushalka & self we have following appreciation message for the corporate training of EC-Council courses that was conducted by QUIK (Quest Institute of Knowledge). It has been an extremely useful training by QUIK, on CHFI & ECSA courses. The faculty Geeta Singh was highly knowledgeable on the subject and had patiently handled all the queries to our complete satisfaction. Both the courses being part of corporate training for self and Ankur Kushalka, was really beneficial to both of us and it was wonderful to be associated with QUIK, to achieve the milestone and successfully completing the training in CHFI & ECSA courses. The dedication & efforts made by Ms Geeta Singh (Faculty) in delivering the courses to its simplest form with numerous examples is highly commendable. Ankur & I recommend the institute and the faculty Ms Geeta Singh in conducting these courses for other companies/ individuals as well. We recommend to place it on records that Ms Geeta Singh is an asset for conducting EC-Council specified courses as a faculty.

We wish QUIK & Ms Geeta Singh all the very best for future trainings.

Murli Menon
CISO | Information Security Management System (ISMS)
[ MCSE | CEH | CHFI | ECSA | ENSA | ISO27001 LA | BS25999 LA ]

I have attended 3 batches of full day CEH classes with Mrs Geeta Singh at QUIK’s training and following has been my views:
1. The training we had attended has been excellent. Good learning, as the relative live examples, makes it easy to correlate and understand. I would definitely recommend QUIK’s training to others.
2. Quite an informative course combining theory and practical examples from the field and extracting the valid points from the different areas. She has huge breadth of knowledge at ability to tie the different ends together and draw general lessons. You don’t have to too technical and she makes the course easy for one to understand.
3. EC Council CEH V9 training is really informative and applicable to daily IT Security work. Made me think critically about things. Instructor (Ms Geeta Singh) was extremely bright, informed – great presenter. Thank you very much – terrific work. I’m very happy to have been a part of QUIK’s training session and have learned and shared loads this week.

Manjusha Kamthe

‘After having done my homework on reviewing numerous EC Council training centres in Mumbai, covering the subject matter that I wanted to study, I finally chose to settle on taking the CEH course at QUIK (Quest Institute). I was very satisfied with my choice. I was not a novice in IT Security while going into the course, but given the level of confidence and clarity that Ms Geeta Singh had in teaching the syllabus. I am positive that even beginners would be able to follow along just fine. I myself feel like I have now gained ample of knowledge on certified ethical hacking in the information security. Her knowledge of the subject is immense and the way she teaches is very easy to understand. My warmest thanks to QUIK and specially Geeta madam for all their detailed time spent on teaching this course. I strongly believe that QUIK has huge potential in the cyber security training and certifications. They impart amazing training and I would recommend their name to my peers.

Sheikh Shoaib Farooq
Sr IT Security Consultant

It was an enriching training given by Ms Geeta of QUIK for the CEH course. I was little apprehensive on knowing about the institute and a lady trainer for CEH ?? But it turned out to be an excellent class. She is a very good trainer and her way of teaching is unique. Class was made very interactive with class mates exchanging ideas and experiences in IT security domain. Ms Geeta made the environment very friendly. Her confidence level, deep knowledge of the subject and delivery of the CEH course was par excellence. What else you require from a trainer? I wish her success and would love to come back to QUIK for further course(s).

Manish B. Sanghrajka
Software | Consultancy | Messaging | Security | Web Technology
Comprompt Solutions

It was a very good course and a highly enjoyable week. Trainer, Ms Geeta is excellent, She has huge breadth of knowledge and the ability to tie the different ends together and draw general lessons. She has a good mastery of explaining through a practical approach which gives a base to your theoretical knowledge. Instructor (Ms Geeta Singh) was extremely bright, well-informed – great presenter. I’m very happy to have been a part of QUIK’s training session and have learned and shared loads this week. Looking forward to attend many more trainings and certifications from QUIK.

Thanks & Regards
Pranali Jadhao
Security Initiatives Group

I enjoyed every aspect of the course, I was very impressed by the content of the course and how Mrs, Geeta Singh presented it. She was very engaging and willing to chat individually about our personal experiences, The trainer gave clear and concise examples to support interpretation of how to utilize the tools used in technical analysis, The examples and technical knowhow explained by the trainer made it easy for me to co-relate the course contents to my daily activities. Overall the training experience with QUIK was excellent.

Chirayu Mahajan
ANA Cyber Forensic
Manager-Information Security

Kudos to QUIK and you for the marvellous training on CEH. I am working with ORACLE, Australia. I was recommended by ORACLE, India to do the CEH and ECSA certification from QUIK. It was enriching experience to be trained by person of your calibre. It was nice to know that I was getting trained by an award winning trainer of EC Council. I have no doubt why you deserve this award. You teaching methodology is one of the best. Understanding CEH and clearing the exam was so much easy for a person like me, from application development background. With the bottom of my heart I wish you and QUIK a very best and as a “QUIKER” I would wish to see QUIK as world’s best EC Council Institute.

Best Regards
Sourish Datta

It is said that ‘always choose to learn from the best’, and when it comes to learning ethical hacking and building a strong foundation in the information security domain, Geeta madam and QUIK are one of them.

Geeta madam is passionate, humble and skilful. The most important aspect of her training is that she teaches from her personal experience in the domain, and always excited to show you the way on how to excel in the information security field, What she teaches you will help you improve your ethical hacking skills, not just during the course, but beyond,”

Ravikiran R. Kunder
IT Security Consultant

During this ESCA session I found too many things which are admirable for our Trainer Mrs. Geeta Singh. She is a knowledge booster…..I found she have very good skill and problem solving methodology. Presentation approach is too good.
Her industrial knowledge provides me how these methodology works in live environment. Her training method is so effective …easy to understand complex problem with simple example.
I am very thankful to Ma’am for such a great learning experience with her About QUIK I can say it is a very good institute where you found good learning environment, nice discussions, good infrastructure and great teachers. I would love to come again……. ��

Arun Singh
Information Security Engineer

My hearty congratulations to QUIK on being nominated for such a prestigious award of EC Council. I know such breakthroughs are met after a lot of effort & dedication to build an institution which imparts knowledge par excellence.
It truly gives me immense pleasure in notifying, that why you stand out to be the finest institution for IT Security aspirants. Apart from getting the name of QUIK in the accredited list of EC-Council & maximum hits on Google, I was highly recommended by my friend to join this professional institute for CEH course. An endeavour of spearheading an institute which deals in the most niche & glam area of IT is no small deal. I appreciate the vision for the same & the progressive outlook. Being acquainted, it was experiential to learn & discover my withstanding passion towards IT security. I have successfully completed my CEHv7 under your guidance & mentoring. The CEH boot camp at QUIK was hugely
enriching & invigorating experience to spend a week with experienced and knowledgeable trainer, understanding security concepts and prevailing security issues. My experience was amazing and extremely helpful on a whole bunch of fronts-security concepts, practical hacking and steps taken to secure a system. I would highly recommend IT Security Professional and aspirants to QUIK Institute. Saying this, I look forward for your association in further Security credentials & wish you best of luck in the upcoming prospects. ‘Keep Hacking & Securing ‘with best knowledge sharing ethically.

Rajeev Ravikumar
Dubai, UAE

I am very overwhelmed with the association I had with QUIK team. I had joined QUIK for EC-Council’s course in CEH v.7 & ECSA and had received great help & support when applying for LPT. 

The team at QUIK very pro-active for serving concerns of students & educational needs and takes an extra mile efforts for quality delivery of education and Knowledge. The institute is spearheaded by huge contributions of Mrs. Geeta and Mr. Vikash. Mrs. Geeta has been an inspiration & mentor for all the students including me to build up our careers towards IT Security. I am proud to say that I can approach QUIK team anytime as they have always been there to sort my queries even after my tenure at the institute. This differentiates them from other institutes as they strongly believing in sharing knowledge. As per me QUIK is following the Golden saying ” If you share Knowledge, you get more Knowledge” that’s the “Quest” and That’s the “Learning” and that’s what makes “QUIK” I wish QUIK and its team the Best Luck for all their endeavours and I cherish each and every moment which was fully filled with Knowledge during my tenure at “QUIK”.

Thanks & Regards
Yogesh S Sonawdekar

I am glad that I decided to train at QUIK and will continue my further training for all EC-Council courses only with them. It was an absolute pleasure to train at QUIK. I am not surprised QUIK getting an award for the best training center and trainer for last many years. Geeta Singh was excellent. The amount of knowledge she had about the topics was amazing. It definitely depicted her years of training experience and association with the security industry for such a long time. She was very enthusiastic and patient. She clarified all my queries. My learning experience was fantabulous. Geeta explained every topic thoroughly. For certain difficult topics she explained it with practical examples that assisted me in gaining better understanding of those relevant topics. The best part of the training was the incorporation of practical assignments which made it more interesting and fascinating. Geeta truly deserves the trainer of the year award. I have never come across any trainer who is so patient, interactive, jovial and knowledgeable. She does portray herself as an ideal trainer. I would also like to appreciate Vikash Singh for helping me with my initial inquiries about the course.
He was very confident, informative, accessible and patient. He provided me with all the information that assisted me in making an informed decision. The training and exam test center were great. The staff was very friendly. Overall, QUIK exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend QUIK to other people and hope it keeps up the good work. Hopefully, it gets more awards. I wish them all the best for the future.

Santosh K Anchan.

It was my pleasure to write about the training/certifications experience, I have got through QUIK. I was working in the security domain but more towards endpoint security. I decided to join the CEH course as I wanted to go in-depth into security and as my profile demands it. I have got a marvellous training from Geeta Singh, It was very easy to understand the topics the way she explains, and more of practical made me confident about what I learnt. I have also pursued ECSA, CND, ECIH and CHFI from QUIK, and I must say that it’s helping in my career. I would like to thank Mrs Geeta Singh for her excellent teaching. Her knowledge about the subject(s) is excellent, and she also goes extra mile by sharing the experiences and knowledge out of the curriculum books which relates to the topics, that’s gives more understanding and knowledge.
I am proud of being certified on CEH, ECSA, CND, ECIH and CHFI through the best and award winning trainer Mrs Geeta Singh.



I would like to express my gratitude for your efforts which made me understand the immense techniques in Cyber attacks. After listening to your live sessions I realized how little did I knew and how much there is to learn in security. This is one of the very few certifications with emphasis on “Web Application Security”, Session Hijacking , SQL injection etc.. which were major areas of concern for corporate. As a software engineer I am very happy to identify the venerability in the web applications in a new angle[ Thinking as a Hacker], Till date while delivering any software code I am ensuring it has Best design patterns, But now I have to consider how strong is my application in security, does any gray/black hat hackers can reach my code or modify my code ?.. I am thankful to have this new way of thinking. Earlier I was not aware of various countermeasures that one can take to protect data in a corporate or private environment until I was rolled in for CEH program in your organization. This certification has elevated my knowledge in the area of Network Security and Data Security, which in turn has enabled me to go forward for some more advanced courses in your organization. The Best part is the knowledge of the techniques and tools covered in your sessions were ..The BEST. I Heartily thankful for your corporate sessions which given me right awareness on security and its importance.

Tulasi Prasad